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Do you know that, as per studies, children who are taught Sex Education from an early age have fewer chances of being victim to sexual crimes in the growing teenage years and even beyond? More than 3 decades of research have formally concluded this inadmissible fact.

Contrary to popular belief, a comprehensive sex education not only comprises talking about your growing body parts but also family & relationship, consent, good touch bad touch, puberty, menstruation, LGBTQ, sexual abuse and much more. It is a comprehensive & cohesive package of real life skills for a lifetime of good sexual, mental & general health & well-being for children, teenagers & adults! 

Sex Education is the only successful deterrent against sexual crimes during the lives of children & adults alike. But unfortunately, a vast majority of parents & schools don’t teach this essential life skill or even if it home-taught or school taught, it is entirely focused on the perceived dominant areas such as body changes and entirely omits the other conjoined equally essentially skill such as consent, family & relationship, LGBTQ, STDs, peer pressure & decision-making etc. This is similar to how one would hand over maggi noodles packet and forgets to give you the tastemaker masala. It won’t taste nearly the same how maggi noodles with the masala would.

At Ioza Learning, we are trying to solve the problem of sexual abuse of children & teenagers by educating & empowering the next generation of future Indian leaders. A Comprehensive Sex Education is an absolute need of the 21st century globalized children for living a healthy life. Long has gone the days when it was stereotyped and equated with spoiling our children : a ritual which corrodes the “morals” of a young adult, but which in fact does the exact opposite! It is an absolute need for Indian children and parents of 21st century with a plethora of violent, sexual & actual material which corrodes young minds – at the tip of (y)our finger. To remove the negative stereotype revolving against these skills, an active participation is always needed by both parent & child.

Our wonderful team at Ioza Learning educators have a cumulative 20+ years of experience in teaching about sex education & periods in India. Let’s introduce our readers to our team of talented individuals. 

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Ms Rathi Manoj

Ms Rathi Manoj teaches Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) with Ioza Learning. She is the Founder of Untabooed Sexed, CSE Certified, Educator, Coach, Counselor, with experience in varied sector for over a decade.

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Rajasi Kulkarnia Diwakar

Ms Rajasi Diwakar teaches “All About Periods” with Ioza Learning.  She is based in Mumbai and has been working as a menstrual educator for 9 years. She is an early childhood education trainer and conducts awareness programs, workshops, gives presentations and writes a blog on menstrual health and sustainable practices/alternatives. She has conducted trainings on MHM and SRHR with rural and urban women, health workers, teachers, hostel schools, people with disabilities, women in sex work and so on. She is mainly active in the tribal areas of Chhattisgarh as well as in Maharashtra In association with NGOs/campaigns like “green the red”, Bleed Red Go Green and Ecofemme and lastly, she is an independent researcher and has presented her work in several conferences in India and abroad.

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Kanika Kumar

Kanika Kumar teaches All About Periods (AAP) with Ioza Learning. She is the Founder of “Minds That Matter”, a Menstrual Educator, 10+ Years Experienced and RCI Certified, Multi Skilled Instructor.

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Vijaya Darade 

Vijaya Darade – teaches CSE (Comprehensive Sex Education) at Ioza Learning. Vijaya is a passionate educator with multifaceted skillset. A postgraduate in pharmacy and has a rich understanding & professional experience in fitness space. She is the founder of a Preschool called Pari Poorna with aim of providing Holistic education to kids. Besides education, she is well versed in social engineering and community facilitation. She has earned a Certificate in CSE Effective Facilitation, by Seeds Of Awareness & CCL TISS Mumbai. She is also a certified sex and relationship counselor from “Heart to Hearth institution” by Dr Rajan B Bhonsle. Her aim is to contribute to creating a conducive environment for kids to grow and women to showcase their full potential in professional and social arena.

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About Ioza Learning:

At Ioza Learning, we are solving the problem of sexual abuse and raising a responsible & empowered generation of future young leaders with potential to make change. Our educators have a cumulative 20+ years of experience in teaching sex education & period education to Indian kids and young adult all over the country. We are India’s 1st & fastest growing Live Academy for Sexual & Menstrual Health For Ages 8 to 18.

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