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Why Is Real Life Skill Important For Children?

The 21st century is a fast moving world. What used to take hours & decades earlier, gets done in mere minutes. The trains used to run from steam engines. Now it has transformed into electric & hydrogen. The clothes people wear, the land people owned, and the way people were taught, all have transformed to suit the need of a globalized planet and to keep up with the pace of innovation. So why hasn’t education?

Education refers not only to formal learning at educational institutions but also informal learning of core real life skills which are essential in this 21st fast moving century. Some of the core skills include Sex Education, Menstrual Education, Communication, Critical Analysis etc. Ask yourself, as a parent:

Will your child be able to look after himself if you leave them alone for a long time? Do you believe your child possesses the required life skills to face the challenges that lie ahead? Have you ever taught your child about the essential life skills which every kid should have in order to navigate through the water of the 21st century?

Real Life Skill are tremendously essential for children & kids as they teach them how to live, thrive and succeed in this world. For example: efficient communication is such a real life skill. If your child is not able to express their thoughts in words, then the noblest of intentions will not come to fruition. Lacking in communication skills in this age will ensure your child is not able to express themselves to their fullest, in items of need which will result in loss of opportunities and growth. 

What are the few real life skills which are essential in this day & age? So, let’s look at some very 2 fundamental new life skills for kids that will allow them to confront the world on their own and with confidence.

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1. Sex Education: Real Life Skills For Youth

Sex education is not merely knowledge about sex. Sex education is a high quality teaching and learning about a broad variety of topics related to sex and sexuality. It explores values and beliefs about those topics and helps people gain the skills that are needed to navigate relationships with self, partners, and community, and manage one’s own sexual health. Sex education may take place in schools, at home, in community settings, or online. 

Topics of Sex Education:

Comprehensive sex education refers to K-12 programs that cover a broad range of topics related to:

  • Human development, including puberty, anatomy, sexual orientation, and gender identity
  • Relationships, including self, family, friendships, romantic relationships, and health care providers
  • Personal skills, including communication, boundary setting, negotiation, and decision-making
  • Sexual behavior, including the full spectrum of ways peoples choose to be, or not be, sexual beings
  • Sexual health, including sexually transmitted infections, birth control, pregnancy, and abortion
  • Society and culture, including media literacy, shame and stigma, and how power, identity, and oppression impact sexual wellness and reproductive freedom

Ioza Learning is the nation’s largest provider of sex education. Ioza Learning believes that parents play a critical and central role in providing sex education.

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2. Menstruation Education: Real Life Skill for Youth

In India, ONLY 48% OF THE ADOLESCENT GIRLS POPULATION IN INDIA ARE AWARE ABOUT MENSTRUATION PRIOR TO THE FIRST PERIOD. There are over 355 million menstruating women and girls in India28 yet millions of women across the country still face significant barriers to comfortable and dignified experience with menstrual health.

Educating young girls & boys about periods is an absolute necessity in this day & age and in this country. To eliminate period taboo and sensitize boys against the monthly pain of girls, it is absolutely essential to impart this valuable education. In India, Ioza Learning is the largest provider of Live Sex Education & Period Education for children and teenagers which are taught by certified Educators.

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