Live Sex Education + Period Education For Kids Ages 8 to 18

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Live Sex Education Online Live Classes For boys and girls By Ioza Learning in Kolkata

Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE)

Empower your child with knowledge and confidence. Our live sex education course teach kids about their bodies, relationships, and reproductive health in a safe and supportive environment.
All About Periods By Ioza Learning - online learning for kids

All About Periods

Our live period education course taught by experienced educators, provide a comprehensive learning experience for kids to build knowledge and confidence in menstrual health.
All About Money Management For Kids By Ioza Learning - online learning for kids

Smart Money Kids

Empower your child's financial future with "Smart Money Kids." Our engaging course teaches essential money skills from budgeting to investing.

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Comprehensive, realistic and effective knowledge imparted through sex ed (by trained professionals) who will not merely teach us what we've already learnt in our biology books in school but also an inclusive approach where students, irrespective of gender identity or sexual orientation are given answers to all their questions and queries regarding sexual health and education without being judged and stigmatized. Recommend it to every boy and girl.

Adrita Majumdar Course - Sex Education

This course is something which breaks stereotypical barriers and makes knowledge accessible in all forms

Atmadeep Course - Sex Education

Sex education must should be such that they help people feel comfortable with their bodies. It should talk about practicing safe sex and about abortion. It should teach young female bodied persons to take absolute control over their own bodies. This course does exactly that and is much needed, in India.

Nayanika Datta Course - Sex Education

This will help remove a taboo on a topic which is so mundane and natural.

Adrija Ghosh Course - All About Periods

There are definitely enormous amount of expectations from this course because the idea is totally out of the box, and a lot challenging. If it's targeted to the right audience, and hopefully if it succeeds, then the number of various crimes related to sexual violence in India (and our neighbouring countries, if it reaches internationally) can go down in the coming years.

Rahul Patel Course - Sex Education

Some questions you've might have about us.

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We teach all our classes with the motto of “Learn While Doing”. At least 75% of our classes & curriculum consists of fun activities such as quizzes, online games, videos, real world based case study where they make decisions etc and fun projects to make!

Every Class of Ioza Learning is a LIVE and Interactive Class held online via Zoom or Google Meet. For any queries, children can ask their doubts 24/7 on our WhatsApp based community.

Every Class Will taught by case Study Based Method Pioneered By Harvard Business School overs 100 years ago along with the Conventional Teaching Technique. Students recall concepts better when they are set in a case, much as people remember words better when used in context. Cases teach students how to apply theory in practice and how to induce theory from practice. The case method cultivates the capacity for critical analysis, judgment, decision-making, and bias for action.


At Ioza Learning, we teach children those essential real life skills which are suitable for the 21st century era – which should have been taught at school. We offer parents access to an affordable and world-class “life” academy for their children to upskill, explore and follow their curiosity, find their passion and grow up to be future leaders of India.

We provide parents world-class and affordable online learning of real life skills, hobby, extracurricular & co-curricular activities which ensures that your child climbs to the top of the world. With teachers of more than 20 years of experience in the field, Ioza Learning is India’s first live academy for sexual and menstrual health for children of today to raise future leaders of tomorrow.

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  • Case Study Method 📚
  • Expert (Certified) Teachers 🤵 with 20+ Years Exp

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