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3 Reasons to Teach Sex Education To Your Child.

As per a survey“Pornography was the most-mentioned “helpful” source of information for 18- to 24-year-olds. 

Every parent knows that one day they shall have to talk to their child about sex. In India, in absence of a comprehensive, age appropriate and structured Sex Education Curriculum, children are learning about sexuality and their own bodies from social media, web series, movies, TV shows, pornography etc. which to be blunt, is a terrible source of obtaining Sex Education. Young minds get the wrong idea about Sex and intimacy, develop harmful pre-conceived notions about the same, which shall affect their  relationship with friends and family.

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“I think that most of us are smart enough to look at porn and know this isn’t how sex works,” Says Yvette d’Entremont – a scientist, writer and co-host of “Two Girls One Mic: The Porncast” Podcast. 

In India the concept of Sex and Intimacy is a well stigmatized topic and is considered a taboo.  As per the “Society”, Sex is an activity which should be restricted to and between married individuals. Pre-marital Sex is considered a taboo, as well as looked down upon. Staying in denial about the need of Sex Education in the 2nd largest populated country in the world, is an immense disservice to Indian teenagers who shall one day, become future leaders of this country.

If one assume that – a single “sexual mistake” in bedroom or elsewhere, won’t have a life changing impact on you and your environment, I implore you to read on:

  • An improperly applied condom or (an absence of one) during intimate relation will cause unplanned pregnancy or worse – STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). 
  • An absence of adequate knowledge about “CONSENT” during sexual encounter translates to Sexual Assault. 
  • An absence of Proper Sexual Education means your child is more vulnerable to Sexual Abuse.
“INFORMATION” about Sex is not equal to “PERMISSION” for sex. It simply empowers teenagers to make healthy sexual choices.

These are the top 3 Reasons To Teach Sex Education To Your Child:

1. Your Child Will Be Safer From Sexual Abuse And Is More Likely To Disclose Sexual Abuse.

Teaching young kids protective skills is an essential and imperative milestone in Early Sex Education. These include teaching kids about body safety, secrets, feelings, early warnings, public and private, personal space, safety word, authorized people who can touch them and more. 

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In this manner, early sex education enables a child to identify and understand sexual abuse and is more likely to disclose sexual abuse as well.

What does this tell you as a parent?

If my child is being groomed or sexually abused or inappropriately touched, they can identify and sound the alarm. Me, as a parent, should be approachable which means, that kids will readily disclose any such unforeseen attempt or incident. In addition, they have the protective means to recognize sexual abuse and try and stop it. 

2. Sex Education Provides Body Positivity and Healthy Gender Identity.

In early Sex Education, an open and honest discussions on their body – including genitals and private parts, empowers a child to understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of. As a result they will be happier with the body they have and not want what they haven’t got! In social media, there is a lot of peer pressure to look or dress in a certain manner or have a perfect body. 

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These false notions of perfectionism create an insecurity in the minds of teenagers, and consequently they conflate “Beauty” with “Physical Characteristics” instead of “Inner Beauty of the Soul and Mind”.

Moreover, an essential part of Sex Education is understanding and freely expressing your gender. Here, a distinction should be made about “Gender” and “Sex”. While sex is assigned after birth – which depends on the genital you were born with, gender is fluid or in other words, gender is “WHAT and HOW you feel” and has to be discovered by ourselves. 

Hence, an essential part of growing up for kids a healthy expression of their gender identity. This, however, can be challenging, when a child may have a Penis, but may “choose” to identify, as a girl. 

What does this tell you as a parent?

My child will understand to be happy with the body they have got, instead of wanting the body they haven’t got in other words – “Body Positivity” . My child will understand the difference between Gender and Sex and will be able to freely express their gender choices. They will have a clear and healthy sense of what it means to be a “Boy” or a “Girl”.

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3. Sex Education Enables Smart Sexual Decisions – Unwanted Pregnancies and STDs.

There are plenty of research which back up the fact that kids who miss out on Sex Education were the ones more likely to make a bad choice somewhere done the line, especially due to misinformation or untrue facts.  “INFORMATION” about Sex is not equal to “PERMISSION” for sex. It simply empowers teenagers to make healthy sexual choices. 

Knowledge about Sexuality and Their own bodies empowers a child down the line to make healthy sexual choices in their teenage years and early 20s. When we teach Sexual Values to a child, it translates to giving them autonomy and a framework for making good sexual choices – forever.

What does this tell you as a parent?

My child shall have all the appropriate information to make a sound sexual decision. They wont make the same mistake, as i did, due to ignorance or misinformation. My child will be intimate with a partner when they are ready and not being forced or pushed into it. They will engage in intimacy with someone they really care for and avoid unforseen circumstances such as STDs and Unwanted Pregnancies.

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Sex Education gives proper and structured knowledge about sexual decisions and behaviour. It also keeps teenagers away from Sexual Abuse and Violence. They understand CONSENT and engage in sexual activity when they really care about their partner. They will be aware of safer options and stay away from unforeseen circumstances such as Unwanted Pregnancies and STDs. 

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